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    Silvan Ridge Winery
    27012 Briggs Hill Rd,
    Eugene, OR 97405

    The Malaise Invitational will now be taking place at the original location of Silvan Ridge Winery. The map to event parking is available at the bottom of this page. Come celebrate a new beginning with the 1st Annual Malaise Invitational.

    Welcome to the Malaise Car Club of Oregon!
    We are a group of like minded individuals who can appreciate the underloved cars from this great era. The era specifically is any vehicle from 1972-1995.

    This group was founded in April 2021 with the sole purpose of bringing together the kind of car enthusiasts that may not find a place for them so easily. From show cars to projects that barely run, anything and everything in the era is welcomed in this club.

    Don't know a lot about cars?
    Doesn't matter!

    We are here simply for the fact that we love what we drive and can usually appreciate style over performance. Base models, factory stock setups, and anything that doesn't stand out to most people is what thrives here. You will find that we are probably the most chill group of people you'll meet in any car scene.

    With that in mind, if you are a performance nut this is probably not the group for you. There are a million and a half groups out there that welcome anything and everything that goes fast and loud. That is not us. No one here is going to care how loud your exhaust is, or how well you can peel out of a Shari's parking lot.

    If you'd like more info on when/where we meet up biweekly, be sure to join the: Facebook group


    The Malaise Car Club of Oregon will be hosting it's first show on June 26th at Silvan Ridge Winery in Eugene, OR. Any vehicle made between 1972-1995 of any condition is encouraged to register and show off!

    Rust buckets, show cars, and daily drivers will all be equally welcomed to the show! All that we ask is that you pre-register to make things easier for all parties. Speaking of parties, we want this to be a great time for all. Everyone is encouraged to dress to impress by throwing on your best period correct rags and enjoying everything the show has to offer. We plan on having food trucks, awards, and maybe a raffle if we're lucky.

    Wanna see all the malaise action but don't have a ride to show off? No problem! This show is open to the public so bring your friends, bring your family, and anyone else who wants to see some neat rides. Pets are welcome as well as any food. So roll out the picnic blanket on the grass and enjoy the gorgeous views this area has to offer along with the spectacular rides that will be present.

    This will be a rain or shine event so expect the best weather but plan for the worst. There is also likely a very good chance you will not have cell service in this beautiful wine country so be sure to set your GPS ahead of time and check out the lovely map. All proceeds will be put towards the cost to run the show and all leftover funds will be donated to the wonderful folks over at the HIV Alliance.

    To register please follow the registration steps found below, and be aware that the registration fee is $15.


    To register please send an email to indicating you'd like to register. From there we will get back to you with a few questions and then can process your payment

    Please note that this is a rain or shine event. Refunds will be available to those who request one before June 19th 2022 and to anyone if the show gets cancelled

    Car Show Flier


    Q: What time should I arrive if I am showing off my car?
    A: Try not to come too early, I'd say no more than 15 minutes before noon if possible.

    Q: Can I show up and register the day of the event?
    A: We will be having limited registrations for the day of the event. It is not encouraged or recommended however.

    Q: My car is either newer than 1995 or older than 1972, can I still register it for the show?
    A: No, you are more than welcome to park it in spectator parking but it will not be allowed on the field. The only exception to this rule is if the same generation of car extends past the year range. An example of this would be the 2nd generation Cadillac Fleetwood which started in 1993 and ended in 1996. We would allow a 1996 Fleetwood to register for the event.

    Q: How many registration spots will there be?
    A: We are looking at approximately 80 positions.

    Q: Can I bring outside food to the show?
    A: Yes! Outside food is more than welcomed, we will also have food trucks on the premises. Just no outside alcohol will be permitted.

    Q: Will you accept my bike?
    A: Yes, while we don't want a large portion of the show to consist of two wheeled rides the occasional bike would be welcomed.

    Q: Is Malaise only American?
    A: We accept cars from all corners of the globe. Japanese? Yes. German? You bet. Swedish? Please! British? Oh yeah, baby! French? Oui! Eastern Bloc? Get that thing over here on a trailer if you have to!! Anything else? Surprise us!
    As long as it was manufactured between 1972 and 1995, you're good.


    1. Respect The Property
    Please respect the surrounding community and the property owners of where a gathering takes place. This means no burnouts and leaving no trace that we were there (garbage/litter).

    2. No Outside Alcohol
    No outside alcohol will be permitted on the premises, there will be wine available for purchase.

    3. No Dick Measuring
    This is not a dick measuring contest. Not everyone wants to hear or will be impressed by loud music or loud exhaust. Please refrain from making so much unnecessary noise in that regard. There will be already established music playing at the show so please keep your own radio volume to a minimum.

    4. No Car Shaming
    Every car is special to someone. Ragging on any make or model is forbidden. This includes donks, hotrods or other customized or modified cars. "Let the car please the driver"

    5. No Bullying
    Make sure that everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed. Degrading comments about things such as race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.


    HIVAlliance Picture

    The HIV Alliance Mission

    HIV Alliance was founded in Eugene, Oregon in 1994 to support people living with HIV/AIDS and prevent new HIV infections.

    What They Do

    As an agency, HIV Alliance is committed to not only addressing their clients’ needs for HIV-specific care and prevention services, but to reducing all barriers to wellness. Their prevention and care programs work together to support and protect people living with, and at-risk for, HIV in our community, and they are able to provide comprehensive support to respond to a variety of needs experienced by their clients.

    Their current programs include:

    The Alliance for Community Wellness, their clinical services department, includes the following programs:

    How They Accomplish Their Mission

    They provide interventions that are highly evidence based, low barrier, trauma informed, equity oriented, and client centered and which work to directly address social determinants of health. Their approach is grounded in harm reduction, meaning that they “meet their clients where they are at” and deliver services without judgment or coercion. Their programs are built on core values, including collaboration, empowerment, adaptability and innovation, continuous improvement, and non-judgement.